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C.I. INCOAL S.A. headquarters is located in Colombia. C. Bogota Cundinamarca(Zip/Postal:003) Colombia,
Cll 93 No. 13-32Bogota Cundinamarca(Zip/Postal:003). I. C.I. INCOAL S.A. specialized in Business Services, Advertising. INCOAL S.

C.I. INCOAL S.A. is a coal producing and distribution company with coal mine operations in the State of Cordoba, in Colombia, South America.

Commercial operations are located in Bogota DC. Our operation has good access to principal ports of Colombia;s Caribbean Coast.

The company was established in 2005 and besides exploitation of coal open pit mines, we also are into trading other coals mined outside our operations.

These is due to the fact that our directly mined coal has values of around 5000 Kcal / Kg, as well as other characteristics which might be suitable for ferroalloy industries. The other side of our business is sourcing higher heating value coals with around 7100 Kcal / Kg. We know that for energy generation, the optimal ranges lie within 6000-6700 Kcal / Kg. We actually do very cost conscious mixes of both coals in order to meet the calorific value specified by our customers as well as mixing the high heat value (but high sulphur as well) coal with low heat value (with low sulphur as well) in order to reach an equilibrium that respects environmental regulations, and as well provide for adequate heating values.

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